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Technical SEO

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Technical SEO

What it is and how it contributes to SEO

What is Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an umbrella term for all your website’s “technical” aspects. from your crawl budget optimisation to schema markup. Much of technical SEO isn’t a direct ranking factor. However, the elements of technical SEO significantly contribute to direct ranking factors for your website, such as page speed and mobile friendliness.

Why is technical SEO important

Technical SEO is important for numerous reasons. At the end of the day, technical SEO is the foundation of your website. Good technical optimisation makes things easier for google, increases trust and boosts user experience. All of this culminates in a slew of positive ranking signals for Google. Who will reward you accordingly.

Keeping Grounded

Why Expectation is key

We love to be the driving force behind our client’s organic success. But we are not miracle workers. We aim to deliver the best possible results. But in certain cases, we might not be able to help.


While SEO is powerful and can work for a large variety of businesses, in this area of marketing nothing is certain. We don’t believe in empty promises so if we don’t think you fit our client profile, we wouldn’t be willing to work with you.

How we do it

How we are able to drive traffic to your website

Driving Traffic and generating ROI is our number goal. Forget the fluff we focus on one thing only. Cutting out the BS allows us to deliver you results.


Generic SEO does not work anymore period. Performing generic techniques that everyone and their mum uses will not drive you results. This is why we think outside the box to go above and beyond the status quo.

on Your website

A mix of on-page, technical and content optimisation gives you the edge over the competition.

Off Your website

Off-Page SEO is another sub-niche that drives traffic slightly differently. It focuses on everything that happens off your site. Links, appearance etc.

Search engine optimisation with Cafferty Marketing

Our foundations

Technical SEO

Is not a direct ranking factor but massively contributes to extremely important ranking factors.


External and internal links are the foundation of the modern google algorithm, get them wrong and you're finished


Our super-optimised content provides immense value, ticks all of google's boxes and gives your viewers exactly what they want.