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Link Strategy

Your Internal and external linking strategy can define your SEO campaign's success.

Internal Links

Internal Links are links that exist within your website. They link one page to another. They are used to determine site structure. They give google a picture of how your website is laid out. They also determine how to spread “link juice” gained from a do-follow backlink.

External Links

External Links are the bread and butter of SEO. Any good SEO should be well versed in how to generate backlinks. However, where we set ourselves apart is our generation techniques. Our outside-the-box techniques allow us to generate backlinks easily and efficiently without incurring penalties. When combined with our understanding of where manual penalties can occur, your backlink strategy success will only multiply. 

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Should you even bother

Why Links are king

You might be wondering if backlinks are even that important. While yes you can build an SEO strategy without backlinks, you can also drink water from lead pipes. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Backlinks are one of our fundamentals for a reason. They facilitate the growth of a website and they make your SEO campaign run a lot smoother. A solid backlink profile can mean you’re more likely to rank higher because google trusts you more, and if you make things easier for google you’ll reap the rewards.


Internal linking is also vital for a number of things. Firstly it paints google a picture of your site architecture and your silos. This means that google can crawl your website much easier. This, in turn, makes things easier for google and like I have said make things easier for google and you’ll reap the rewards. Internal linking also enables the valuable “link juice” that you have earned through your backlinks to be spread across your site. 

Shareable Content

The idea of “quality content” that many websites perpetuate is mostly fluff. However good content that ranks highly does lead to a fair few organic links which google loves.


HARO (help a reporter out) is a super powerful tool for getting links. However, we are able to reverse engineer the method for getting links. The conversion rate is unbelievable.

Contextual Links

Another method of link generation that shouldn’t be overdone. Replacing links can be seen as a little spammy. Contextual links work by replacing a “read-more” link for example. It’s a great way to get high authority links.

Content Refresh

This is another great method for getting high authority links. It works by looking for blog posts that are out of date. So you offer to update their content for free in exchange for a link. Simple and super effective.

Links, Links, Links!

Link Strategy

Building backlinks is still as relevant now as it was in 2013. However, times have changed and google has wised up against dodgy SEOs looking to boost their rankings quickly (penguin update).

That’s why our thorough understanding of backlink limits is crucial. Being able to build plentiful high DA links while not spamming your site isn’t easy. But don’t worry we have got it down to a tee. These are a sneak pack at a couple of our link-building strategies.