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contnet is king

our ultimate content creation strategy is unparalleled.

Creating Content that shines

our ultimate content strategy

Your content on your website should do two things. It should appeal to the google algorithm, it should also appeal to people. Many people get so caught up in writing content that is ultra optimised, they forget people are the ones actually reading their content. 


Our content is able to produce amazing results because we know exactly what the google algorithm wants. Google determines how good content is by comparing it to what already ranks. Based on this piece of information we have been able to adapt a content strategy that produces results, simple as that.

why choose SEO?

SEO in numbers

SEO is a numbers game. This is why we base a lot of our strategy on statistics. We also collect some of our own data. Ultimately data runs the world and it’s the same in SEO. Using data to drive your campaign forward puts you above 99% of the competition.

The percentage of searches that have local intent.
The percentage of US consumers that say they research products using a search engine before deciding whether or not to buy.
The percentage of google searches that mobile accounts for.
The percentage increase in backlinks, that companies who engage in blogging receive.

Why you should care about your content

Why is content important

Your website content is a reflection of the service you provide. If a website has terrible, low-value content on their website, what does that say about the company? At the end of the day, content has two aims. Firstly to provide value to the user and secondly rank your website higher and gain traffic. 


That’s it. SEO has the highest ROI of any service out there. Unlike google or Instagram ads. Well-optimised content can allow your website to rank for years to come. In fact 60% of pages ranking in the top 10 are 3+ years old. So get content right in the first place and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

cut the fluff

Foundations of content


Putting links in the right place is vital, and optimising anchor text can make a big difference.

CTR optimisation

It's all good ranking number 1, but if people don't click on your website you're not going anywhere.


If you want to rank your content, your users have to love your content.