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We understand that the world of digital marketing is ever-evolving. In SEO, algorithm updates such as the penguin update which was rolled out in 2012, flipped the script on link building and gaining visibility in SERP’s. Being able to adapt is vital, SEO changes all the time so being able to identify and adapt is a must.

About Us

Who We Are

Cafferty Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands. We are SEO specialists. We focus on our fundamentals to boost our clients traffic. We believe that content, links and technical SEO are the key pillars to every SEO campaign .

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The Pillars of Our SEO strategy


Some say content is the very concept google is built on. That is mostly true, while the modern algorithm values metrics such as page speed and domain authority. Content is still immensely important which is why we have truly mastered our process. By using content that google already ranks we are able to reverse engineer said content to create “super articles”. Which provides immense value and are SEO optimized to the max.

Link Building

Implementing correct linking strategies in your SEO campaign is crucial. Correct internal linking is vital for distributing the link juice you worked hard to earn in the first place. Using silos is one of the many components of implementing an effective internal linking strategy. Backlinks are another critical element to your SEO success. We implement various methods from reverse engineering HARO to skyscraper. With these out of the box techniques we are able to give you the competitive edge over your competition.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the final piece of our puzzle. Technical SEO is an umbrella term for a vast array of ranking factors from hreflang to schema markup. Technical SEO in the simplest terms, makes things easier for the user and google. Managing your crawl budget is an example of making things easier for google. Technical SEO is the biggest barrier from preventing people from doing their own SEO. This is where we come in, we take the frustration out of the equation simple as that.